Digital Transformation Solutions

Digital transformation is an undeniable reality in today’s business world. Businesses small, medium and large are having to change their approach to doing business with technology driving everything.
To remain competitive, organizations are having to alter their systems to keep up with the evolving trends and requirements.
Unfortunately, most small, medium and even some large size companies in Africa do not have the resources, technology, expertise and knowledge to keep up with the rate of change.

Providing Expert solutions

Most trusted Information Technology solutions.

At EXPTEQ we provide organizations of all sizes in Africa with the best, most trusted Information Technology solutions. We, at EXPTEQ believe companies in Africa should have access to the most reliable and advanced Technology solutions in the ever-evolving technology world.

Delivering on this belief is EXPTEQ’s core reason for existence.

Our mission

EXPTEQ is a trusted partner bringing leading International technology and cybersecurity brands, innovations and solutions from all over the world to all sizes of companies in Africa.

Our Vision

To become the leading technology innovation and cybersecurity brand in Africa.

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Meet the team

Steve Gertz

Managing Partner Rhythmic Ventures

Board Chairman -EXPTEQ

Francis Mills-Robertson

Managing Partner Astute Consulting


Daniel Oppong

Director -EXPTEQ

Michael Quarshie

Managing Director Persol Systems

Director – EXPTEQ

Andrew Oppong

Director -EXPTEQ

Our Ethos and Essence

Our work culture and ethics are driven by our world view and values. Every EXPTEQ team member strives to live these values. We also share the same with our Partners and Clients.

  • Integrity –We keep our word. We always do what is right. We honour our commitments and act with responsibility in all our relationships; both internally and externally. We hold ourselves firmly responsible for the consequences of all our actions.
  • Continuous Learning – We believe in continuous learning and an on-going, lifelong quest for excellence. Working with our partners, we continually break new, value adding ground for ourselves and our stakeholders .
  • Innovation – Technology is constantly evolving. With our partners we strive to remain on the cusp of this innovation, bringing new and relevant emerging technologies to create more value for our clients and other stakeholders .
  • Transparency – We are open and transparent. We hold ourselves to the highest scrutiny of personal and public trust in our corporate posture and commitments. Our business processes and deliverables are open to evaluation by all our stakeholders.
  • Uplifting Support – We believe in continuously creating added value for ourselves and all our stakeholders. We provide the uplifting support our Clients need to grow. It is our belief that their growth engenders our own growth . “We are, because they are,”