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COMPONENTSolv serves system integrators, OEMs, VARs, and technology solution providers. Our experts are available on a consultative basis to provide best-practice, custom solutions. Working collaboratively with reseller partners, we provide the components end users need to build robust, forward-thinking systems for the most complex enterprise business and special project systems. We leverage the in-depth experience of top vendors who are leading industry experts to accelerate business growth in the areas of AI, servers, gaming, security, and branded OEMs.

Product Overviews

COMPONENTSolv’s comprehensive product lineup provides solutions-focused products for complete infrastructure system builds

We are the industry leader in providing White Box servers into the channel. Our team of experts can help you configure and deliver servers ranging from entry level systems to address basic business needs all the way up to cutting-edge multi-processor, high performance systems to address workloads and environments such as AI, HPC, Virtualization, and many other use cases utilizing all the latest and greatest technologies with integrated networking and storage connectivity. We can also pair our offerings with robust maintenance and service plans put together by our SERVICESolv team. SYNNEX is your choice whether you need a fully built customized ready-to-deploy server or simply a barebones unit for you to do your own customization.

SYNNEX is the top distributor with products from both top CPU manufacturers in the world, Intel and AMD. We distribute client and server processors from the most entry level to the latest and greatest high-end multi-core offerings to satisfy all workloads. We also address the embedded market with long-life processor offerings for those projects that need to remain viable for longer time periods.

Motherboards: SYNNEX offers a wide assortment of motherboards containing the latest and greatest features from entry level to the most powerful gaming system, workstation, or servers.

Graphic Cards/GPU: Graphics cards and GPUs are critical for the most avid gamer as well as the highest performance server computing clusters. SYNNEX carries the entire line up of Nvidia and AMD-based Graphics cards and GPUs.

Memory: From the newest memory modules for today’s server solutions including: ECC, non-ECC, buffered, non-buffered, registered, non-registered, DDR3, DDR4, SODIMMs, and Intel Persistent Memory (PMM), we meet virtually every conceivable need including long-term support on BOM-controlled, and die-rev-specific memory. For Portable flash memory, we also carry a wide assortment of SD, MicroSD, Compact Flash, and other formats for every device.

Storage: SYNNEX carries all major Tier 1 and Tier 2/3 Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) and Solid State Drives (SSDs) in all capacities, form factors, and some specialty options including TAA compliant and extended temp offerings. Don’t forget to add storage adapters, storage sub-systems and tape storage for unprecedented data-protection and storage challenges.

Networking: Complete networking solutions to custom-build, configure, add applications and secure the network. Our diverse variety of vendors provide full access to help customize your solutions. 

Power Solutions: SYNNEX offers smart power supply units that incorporate various high-tech components, leading technology, and eco-friendly hardware that always accommodate any mainstream build under any circumstance.  


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