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The newest devices are only the beginning: Plan to keep margins high with a complete section of trend-setting accessories. For all things CE, New Age Electronics’ service tools will keep you one step ahead of the game.


BE UNIQUE – As a differentiator from our competitors, New Age Electronics offers a robust bundling program that allows your product to be aligned with another vendor’s product. Bundles empower our customers to have a unique offering and compete with big-box retailers.

New Age Electronics outperforms all others with millions of unique bundles each year:

Exclusive and Unique SKUs
Custom Retail Packaging
Media Content Bundles
ESD/Key Codes/POSA Bundles
Multi-Vendor Options
Concierge Services (support/warranty)
JACK OF ALL GAMES® bundling services featuring consoles, software and accessories
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New Age Electronics is able to provide our vendors and customers with the ability to differentiate products in the supply chain at the last moment. New Age Electronics plans these unique product assortments on a short timeline schedule that allows us to drive profitability and value to shoppers.

Our unique systems and forecast model, combined with our ability to ship pallets, provide single drop ships, and create bundles within a single warehouse, lowers our overall cost to manage this process.

Pallet Shippers offer an excellent merchandising tactic:

Serve as a secondary location in the store for suppliers to display their products. This location is generally a high-traffic area away from the normally cluttered shelves where most products reside.
Provide opportunities for new brands to enter in the retail space without interrupting the specific retailer’s seasonality of Planogram resets.
Include billboards on the shippers to identify specific promotions or to draw more attention to the products being displayed.
Create opportunities for brand loyalty with consumers. If customers buy product from a shipper, they generally will look for the same product again even after the shipper has been removed.
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forecast management

New Age Electronics uses historic data, seasonal trends, and our extensive industry knowledge to provide to vendors a single, rolled up forecast for long- and short-term goals for all accounts. New Age Electronics also helps you manage the flow of goods by taking advantage of our 20 – and growing – retail channels to proactively alleviate both under- and over-forecasting situation. Contact your account manager to learn more about forecasting by vendor or your product manager to learn more about New Age Electronics’ vast, unique retailer base.

Concierge Service

Consumer Electronics is defined by constant change. The accelerated consumption of advancing technology in people’s daily lives demands increased product support in ways that work best for them. Consumers have come to expect speed, accuracy, and customization of service via the channels that they want, or they will move to another solution.

New Age Electronics offers end-user concierge services such as: