Mission-Critical Power Solutions

Power is essential to running a thriving business. Without it, businesses can’t operate, and downtime is both expensive and harmful to the bottom line. However, when it comes to creating reliable power solutions, organizations often overlook redundancy, scalability, and capabilities that ensure systems are always on. Partner with the SYNNEX power experts to design and execute complex, complete power solutions your customers can count on.

Identify Power Opportunities
by Asking the Right Questions

What are you doing now for power protection?

To protect critical IT equipment, you need proper power equipment. Prevent costly downtime due to power issues and help provide redundancy. The SYNNEX power experts can help you determine the size of power equipment needed to handle your runtime requirements.

Is your current UPS solution aging?

Many end users don’t know or keep track of the age of their UPS solution. SYNNEX offers on-site assessments to determine if a UPS is functioning correctly and is sized properly.

When was the last time you checked the status of the batteries in your UPS?

Batteries are the core of the UPS. If not properly maintained and assessed, the UPS can become ineffective. Your customers should check their batteries every two years. To help, SYNNEX offers on-site assessments for replacement batteries.

Does your current UPS solution allow for remote monitoring and management?

By having the proper remote management solution, an end-user can remotely monitor and control their IT equipment. This includes power failures, environmental irregularities, and security features.


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